One has to ask, what exactly is going on at the US State Department?

We have been following the deterioration of Yemen for months. Despite the obvious dangers to American citizens within this country, I guess our bureaucrats decided they really didn’t need an evacuation plan.

Fortunately, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government seem to be more on top of the situation.

The US, besides economically developed France, Germany and Sweden, besides 22 nations have sought India’s assistance to evacuate its citizens from violence hit Yemen.

An US government travel advisory for Yemen pointed out that India would offer its assistance to evacuate American citizens from Sanna to Djibouti. The US citizens have been advised to contact Indian diplomats in Embassy at Sanna for assistance for evacuation either by boat or air.

This is significant considering the fact that the US has strong naval presence as well as deployment of its Air Force in West Asia. France also has presence of its Navy in the region to counter piracy. ​

Yes…because economically developed does not equate to common sense developed. Of course, in India’s case, it seems to be making greater progress with economic growth than our country, too.

India also took the time to save its own citizens, as well.

India used small boats this weekend to ferry some of its citizens to a naval destroyer anchored near Aden, Yemen, as an operation to evacuate about 4,000 Indians from Yemen’s war zone entered a difficult phase.

…“It’s been a hard task, and as the situation worsens, the time available to us lessens,” he said. “Difficult situations now are becoming more difficult as time passes.”

Several thousand Indian women work as nurses in Yemen, and many have been reluctant to leave, despite the intensifying conflict, because their families are so heavily dependent on their remittances.

NDTV has the following video report:

Other groups, who have relatives trapped amid the chaos, have created a website:

The website was initially designed to contact Yemeni-Americans, but is open to all U.S. citizens. was created after the advocacy groups began hearing from mostly Yemeni-American citizens who reportedly were being told by the U.S. State Department that there are currently no evacuation plans for Yemen.

…”We’re hearing from people that are stuck all over the country,” says Zahra Billoo, executive director of Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Within the past week, she says, there have been more than 200 entries on the website from people seeking help.

The U.S. State Department suspended its operations in Yemen on Feb. 11. Currently, there are no plans to evacuate U.S. citizens from Yemen, according to the State Department website. It states:

“There are no plans for a U.S. government-coordinated evacuation of U.S. citizens at this time. We encourage all U.S. citizens to shelter in a secure location until they are able to depart safely. U.S. citizens wishing to depart should do so via commercial transportation options when they become available. Keep vital records and travel documents close at hand; U.S. citizens should be prepared to depart at a moment’s notice. The airports are currently closed, but may open unexpectedly; other unforeseen opportunities to depart may also suddenly arise.”

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf says American citizens should sign up on the department’s website, and that they will be alerted when there is an opportunity to leave Yemen.

Given the myriad of problems with Obamacare websites, I know which page I would use if I were in Yemen.

Strike that…I love Bollywood and chai tea, so I would call the Indians.


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