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Film Studies Week at College Insurrection

Film Studies Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

Some films are more controversial than others.

Just working in video production can get you into trouble.

Sometimes you get your big break in television.

Whatever you do, don’t go into music journalism.

Speaking of journalism…

Let’s move onto economics.

The laws of economics are coming soon to a college near you.

Here are some alternatives to paying too much for college.

There sure are a lot of demands going around, lately.



Liberal bias? What liberal bias?

This sounds good to me.

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This “college rape epidemic” is driving me insane.

Hey, college kids, all these ga-zillions of rapists you suppose are everywhere – they’re YOUR generation; they’re YOUR leftists and hipsters; they’re YOUR socially conscious social justice warriors.

Even Lena Dunham couldn’t maintain her lie that her rapist was “the campus resident Republican.” (In other words, the ONLY Republican.)

So, if you believe in this rape epidemic, then you’d better fix YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

Oh, and shut up and leave the rest of us alone.