We are head-first through the looking glass, people. The Ayatollah of Iran is trolling us on Twitter:

Addressing the 20th annual General Congress of Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) Commanders and Staff on Sunday, Iran’s Supreme Leader criticized American police, saying their “authority is wrong and oppressive.” Khamenei took to Twitter to rail against U.S. law enforcement who he says utilize “power and tyranny” to “kill innocents” amid ongoing riots over the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

Khamenei, who is a Muslim Cleric, touted the religion of Islam for its balance of mercy and justice.

“Power with cruelty isn’t favored by #Islam. #Police should embody justice and mercy while being potent,” he tweeted.

Behold, the power of the internet:

Just as a point of reference, I’m 29. I grew up in the internet era, got my first e-mail address in the 7th grade (ish?) and was a Facebook pioneer during undergrad. I embrace Reddit and follow celebrities on Instagram and still, it will never ever ever stop being bizarre to see world leaders—especially world leaders who regularly mull over the destruction of an entire people—troll each other on Twitter.


The real takeaway here isn’t that the Ayatollah is an infamously, belligerently dangerous troll. The takeaway is that, over the course of the past year, the messaging coming out of Ferguson that wound its way through cases in New York, South Carolina, and now Baltimore, has become so pervasive and normal that the Ayatollah of Iran is using it as a weapon against the United States on the international stage.

He’s using our own insanity against us—and knowing the state of the world, it’s probably working.

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