We’d like to briefly interrupt Hillary EmailGate and Foreign Policymageddon to bring you this video full of feels. Plus, it’s Friday evening.

Alex is seven and was born with a partially developed right arm. He also has a seriously rad bow tie.

And then there’s Albert. Albert is a phD candidate working towards a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. He’s also the Executive Director of Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit organization. Utilizing 3D printing technology, he designs and distributes arms and, “encourages children to dream big dreams in engineering.”

Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark happens to be a bionic expert. He did create Iron Man, after all. So the two teamed up to provide Alex with a one of a kind bionic arm.

The Collective Project, a Microsoft endeavor that, “is about harnessing the power of the many to bring great ideas to life” brought everyone together.

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