Shortly after midnight last night, Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President via Twitter.

Today, Senator Cruz kicked off his presidential campaign at Liberty University.

Of the many things I learned about Cruz in his 2012 Senatorial bid, one to keep in mind is that the man is nothing if not deliberate. Cruz gave a great speech (he never gives bad speeches), but his campaign launch was littered with several liberty-embellished easter eggs. The result? Some masterfully executed trolling.

Troll 1: Launching his campaign at Liberty University (a Christian university that has a strong anti-BDS stance)

Troll 2: Cruz’s speech was teleprompter free. Cruz does best when he’s speaking off the cuff. He’s also not prone to falling for gotcha questions. Good luck with that one, Media.

Troll 3: Today marks the exact day five years ago that Obamacare was signed into law.

Troll 4: Today marks the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s unforgettable “Give me liberty, or give me death!” speech.

Troll 5: Cruz spoke openly about faith, Christianity, and how Christianity changed his family (Liberty is a Christian university, of course)

Cruz’s campaign kickoff speech here:

Many members of the fourth estate weren’t too impressed though:

And then the White House:

The troll force is strong.

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