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Sunday Night Links

Sunday Night Links

Ted Cruz, Supreme Court term limits, AGW-caused prostitution, O’Malley threatened (or offered a job?)

Some links from around the web for your reading pleasure:

Matt Berman at National Journal asks: Will Ted Cruz Be Able to Convince People To Take His Campaign Seriously?

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air discusses Huckabee Calls For Supreme Court Term Limits

John Hindraker at Powerline ponders the question: Will Global Warming Cause Prostitution?

Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard discusses Ready for Hillary: Former Michigan Governor Threatens O’Malley To “Watch It”

Governor Granholm plants the seed that O’Malley “might make a nice member of a President Clinton administration”:


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“It is a national security threat, it is a health threat, it’s an environmental threat, it’s an economic threat,” Kerry said. “We’re spending billions upon billions — $110 billion last year on the damages that occurred because of the increased level of major weather events around the world; droughts that are 500-year droughts, not 100-year droughts; places that have less and less water; food that is less produced where it used to be.”

That is John F’ing sKerry.

I gawd, what would it be like to be THAT stupid and ignorant?

We’re being led by an outlaw gang of anti-American magic thinkers.

Will Global Warming Cause Prostitution?

So, what the congresswoman is trying to say, is that global warmining will make the whole world into the equivalent of liberal Democrat run cities?

OMG, that IS scary!

Granholm is a particularly obnoxious ass.

Global warming may or may not cause prostitution. But is it true that prostitution causes global warming?

Henry Hawkins | March 30, 2015 at 12:32 pm

When one says “might make” it is logically indistinguishable from “might not make”. Think “half-full/half-empty” analogy. Being a meaningless phrase, we hear it from a politician, of course.

Run Martin! Run M O’M!