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Rick Perry: Obama “weak and feckless” on foreign policy

Rick Perry: Obama “weak and feckless” on foreign policy

Urges Obama to assure Americans he will seek approval from the Senate, not the UN

The recent move from the Texas Governor’s Mansion hasn’t quelled Governor Perry’s passion for all things American.

Since creating RickPAC last year, Governor Perry has travelled the country spreading his message. Securing the border and as a byproduct, national security, are part of Perry’s message.

Yesterday, RickPAC released a video calmly hammering President Obama for his ‘weakness and fecklessness’ on the international stage:

“There’s a lot of talk in America today about leadership and America’s role and security on the international stage. As someone who believes America is the greatest force for freedom and prosperity in the world, it’s frustrating to see the president shuffle from one crisis to the next, and to hear his words ring hollow when there should be unwavering resolve. But let’s step back for a minute and imagine the view from the outside. Imagine how the president’s weakness and fecklessness are received by both our friends and our enemies. Imagine the view from Tehran, as they’re trying to negotiate a nuclear agreement with the United States. They see the leader of the western countries scrambling to get Vladimir Putin to sign a piece of paper that he’ll completely ignore within hours.”

Governor Perry released a statement today calling Congress’s role in Iranian negotiations a “necessary” part of our checks and balances system. Urging President Obama to seek Congressional approval and not that of the United Nations, Perry said:

I am increasingly concerned that President Obama will cut out Congress and take his Iran agreement to the UN Security Council. President Obama should assure the American people that he won’t transform what Secretary Kerry said is a “nonbinding” political agreement into international law through the UN. If he wants a binding deal, President Obama should seek the approval of the United States Senate, not the United Nations.

Tuesday, Governor Perry publicly announced his support for Senator Cotton’s open letter to Iranian leaders.

To which Senator Cotton replied:

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Be aware that the Democrats over at Reddit are calling this letter “treason,” and that they think the government of Tehran succeeded in “schooling” the “Republicans,” as if no senior Democrats are of the same opinion.

It helps to know the playing field.

And educating youngsters is a mitzvah.