As we’ve seen time and time again, there’s no Democrat problem that can’t be solved by Republican overreach. Here’s how it works: A Democrat gets caught in a scandal, Republicans react to it, and suddenly the story is all about the Republicans.

MSNBC is particularly fond of this practice. David Rutz of the Washington Free Beacon has put together a clip video you can watch below. You may notice a pattern:

MSNBC Is Overplaying Its Hand

It didn’t take long for MSNBC to unveil one of its favorite talking points in response to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal at the State Department.

Wednesday, the day after a grisly press conference where Clinton tried to answer for deleting thousands of emails and why she had a personal server in the first place, host Alex Wagner posed a question the network loves when Democrats are in tight spots.

“To the Trey Gowdy part of the equation, there is a danger here for Republicans which is a frequent danger, that of overplaying their hand,” she said. “The fact that Trey Gowdy has said before Secretary Clinton’s testimony has even begun that he may need to talk to her twice, is he at risk of overstepping here?”

Here’s the video:

David Harsanyi of The Federalist recently addressed this issue:

Unifying Theory Of Media Scandal Coverage: It’s Always The Republicans’ Fault

Hillary Clinton used a personal email address housed on her own server to conduct her business while Secretary of State, a practice that may have been illegal, was definitely shady, and probably an enormous national security risk. We don’t know if the State Department signed off or if the White House was ever aware of what she was up to.

One imagines these things would concern those who claim to care about transparent government. But, though intrepid reporters in the mainstream media deserve much of the credit for bringing the story to our attention, many other journalists seem to have far more urgent questions on their mind.


Will the GOP Go Too Far?

If there is a scandal involving a Democrat brewing, we must immediately contemplate how the GOP will fare. Will those zealots overplay their hand once again? Will they make a mountain out of a BENGHAZI? Because, really, what’s more important (or easy) than finding some accommodating Republican to say something idiotic? We’re now on “overreach” watch. Remember the, “Will Democrats overplay their hand as the GOP is plunged into scandal?” story? I don’t either.

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