As you can probably imagine, Ted Cruz’s announcement about his plans to run for president in 2016 brought out a whole new level of crazy from liberals in media and most of it was very ugly.

The fine folks at Newsbusters have done a tremendous job chronicling the MSM reaction in words and video. Here are a few choice examples.

From Jeffrey Meyer:

Donny Deutsch Attacks ‘Scary…Dangerous…Slimy’ Ted Cruz

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday, Donny Deutsch viciously attacked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) following his announcement that he will be running for president, calling the Tea Party favorite “scary” and “dangerous.”

After co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Erica Grieder of Texas Monthly about Cruz’s presidential prospects, Deutsch tore into the Republican senator and declared him “completely unelectable, obviously an interesting character and obviously he’ll have a place at the table but unelectable for a host of reasons.”

Here’s the video:

But wait, there’s more….

From Kyle Drennen:

NBC: Ted Cruz a ‘Conservative Firebrand’ Who Throws ‘Rhetorical Bombs’

On Monday’s NBC Today, while discussing Senator Ted Cruz’s announcement of his presidential candidacy, co-host Savannah Guthrie described the Texas Republican as “whip smart, a real conservative firebrand, knows how to throw those rhetorical bombs that the base loves.”

Here’s the video:

From Ken Shepherd:

On Day Cruz Announces for President, Hardball’s Matthews Spends Much of Program Blasting Him As Latter-Day ‘McCarthy’

Chris Matthews was back at the helm of Hardball today after a week’s vacation, and, fortuitously for him, the very same day his bête noire, Ted Cruz, announced for president before a supportive crowd at Liberty University. From start to finish, Matthews did not disappoint his audience, spewing out hateful invective about the junior senator from Texas, rehashing his tired talking points comparing Cruz to Joe McCarthy.

Here’s the video:

Of course, this is just a preview of how every Republican candidate for 2016 will be treated by the liberal media—with the possible exception of Jeb Bush, who will be described as the only reasonable and likable Republican in the field right up until he gets the nomination.

After that, the claws will come out for him too.

We’ve all seen this movie before.

Featured image via Newsbusters video.