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How Republicans celebrated #Selma50

How Republicans celebrated #Selma50

Turns out Rep. John Lewis has quite a few GOP admirers

Members of both political parties descended upon Selma, Alabama earlier today. Partisan politics were shelved as members of Congress were unified in remembering the sacrifice of those who marched for freedom.

So how did Republicans commemorate the day?

Take a look:

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inspectorudy | March 7, 2015 at 11:42 pm

Is there one picture of Lewis smiling? He stood with the R’s but hated every minute of it. He is so partisan that it isn’t funny.

Yawn, don’t care.

And lest we forget,
the Holder Justice Department has vigorously supported states that check the skin color of a citizen, and if the skin color is black, then proceeds to hold that citizen to a different standard, a lower standard, in state hiring, state contracting and university admissions.

It’s all just pointless window dressing and not a single African-American will actually change his or her opinion of Republicans no matter what.