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Guardsman arrested for throwing in with ISIS

Guardsman arrested for throwing in with ISIS


Last night, members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested a national guardsman at Chicago’s Midway Airport after a long-term investigation revealed that he was allegedly planning a terror attack on an Illinois military post.

Army National Guard Spc. Hasan Edmonds, 22, was on his way to Cairo to join ISIS when he was apprehended without a struggle. Agents also arrested Edmonds’ cousin, Jonas Edmonds, 29, at his home in the Chicago area.


According to CBS Chicago, an undercover FBI agent originally made contact with Edmonds in late 2014; this eventually led to a series of messages in which Edmonds told the agent that he was planning to travel overseas with his cousin to join ISIS:

“The State has been established and it is our duty to heed the call,” he allegedly wrote. “I look forward to the training. I am already in the american kafir [infidel] army …and now I wish only to serve in the army of Allah alongside my true brothers.”

In another message, he allegedly wrote, either he and his cousin would make it overseas, “or bring the flames of war to the heart od [sic] this land with Allah’s permission.”

Jonas Edmonds allegedly told the undercover employee that they would use uniforms and information from Hasan Edmonds to access the facility and target officers.

The FBI released some information today about what the official charges look like:

As alleged in the complaint, in late 2014, Hasan Edmonds came to the attention of the FBI. The investigation subsequently revealed that he and Jonas Edmonds had devised a plan for Hasan Edmonds to travel overseas for the purpose of waging violence on behalf of ISIL. Hasan Edmonds, a current member of the Illinois Army National Guard, planned to use his military training to fight on behalf of ISIL. As part of their plans, Hasan Edmonds booked airline travel to depart yesterday from Chicago and arrive in Cairo today, with layovers in Detroit and Amsterdam.

As alleged in the complaint, both defendants also planned for Jonas Edmonds to carry out an act of terrorism in the United States after Hasan Edmonds departed. In particular, both defendants met with an FBI undercover employee and presented a plan to carry out an armed attack against a U.S. military facility in northern Illinois, an installation where Hasan Edmonds had been training. Jonas Edmonds asked the FBI undercover employee to assist in the attack and explained that they would use Hasan Edmonds’ uniforms and the information he supplied about how to access the installation and target officers for attack.

“According to the charges filed today, the defendants allegedly conspired to provide material support to ISIL and planned to travel overseas to support the terrorist organization,” said Assistant Attorney General Carlin. “In addition, they plotted to attack members of our military within the United States. Disturbingly, one of the defendants currently wears the same uniform of those they allegedly planned to attack. I want to thank the many agents, analysts, and prosecutors who are responsible for disrupting the threat posed by these defendants.”

We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.


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This going to become the “coming thing”.

America is about to have to learn some new habits.

We caught this one. How many of the next _ten_ will we catch? More importantly, how many of the next ten will we NOT catch until it’s too late?

This is exactly why gallows were invented.