We did it, we really did it.

After years of reader requests, nay demands, for a mobile phone template we did it.  It is NOT AN APP. Don’t ask me how you get the App.  You don’t need to download anything.

Apps are so three years ago.

It’s a full blown mobile tempate. Like building a whole spankin’ new blog. Just smaller. And simpler. And hopefully able to load and navigate on your phone more easily.

Since over 25% of our traffic comes via phones, it’s the least we could do for you.  Isn’t that mighty nice of us? (Applause)

(added) You can always choose to use the full desktop template on your phone (see image at bottom of post).

Much thanks to Andy LoCascio and his team at Sound Strategies.

The featured image has the narrow banner you will see, with the top post below it.

There is a navigation drop-down menu that looks like this:

Legal Insurrection Mobile Drop Down Menu

You can get all of the key elements from that drop down menu, including the “Of The Day” entries:

Legal Insurrection Mobile Of the Day

And the Blogs I Read:

Legal Insurrection Mobile Blogs I Read

You also can shop Amazon (that really helps us, since we get a small percentage at no extra cost to you):

Legal Insurrection Mobile Amazon

And you can Donate, because did I mention the mobile template was like building a whole new website, only smaller?

Legal Insurrection Mobile Donate

(added) If you do not like the mobile template on your phone, you can choose the desktop version instead by clicking at the bottom of the page:

Legal Insurrection Mobile Desktop Link


Yeah, we got kinks as in any new website, but we’re working them out.  If you notice a problem, leave a comment at this post or contact us. Please specify type of device and model (e.g., iPhone 5).

One issue I know we have to address is the commenting on the mobile site.  As of now it has a simplified comment function, which does not let you Reply to people.  We’ll deal with that.

Compliments and high praise are strongly encouraged.


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