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Branco Cartoon – Past tense

Branco Cartoon – Past tense

No Future

Note: You may reprint this cartoon provided you link back to this source. To see more Legal Insurrection Branco cartoons, click here. Branco’s page is Cartoonist A.F.Branco.


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Sorry, Bill, the time for an up-grade is WAY past…

I see Hillary has upgraded her ‘ol Crusty pantsuit from black to orange. And whose lipstick is on Bill’s face? And face? Well … I guess this is a G-rated blog …

Without further comment…
via iOTw….

Mr. Branco, you sure don’t like B.J. Clin-toon very much, do you? That caricature you’ve drawn sure is brutal. The lipstick is a nice touch but it’s far north of where it usually might be found.

The only thing I would have also liked to see in the cartoon is a pet door.

I can hear Hillary testifying in front of Gowdy’s committee now:

“I did not have textual relations with that server!”