Whether you’re tea party, libertarian, establishment, or something in between, chances are you’ve heard about the Conservative Political Action Conference. CPAC serves as a rallying point for activists, a networking event for up and comers, and most importantly, a springboard for our deep bench of potential 2016 presidential candidates.

Every year, conservatives who exist “in the bubble” of the news cycle have the same debate—is CPAC still relevant? We can argue about the ins and outs of panels and parties all day long, but if you’re looking for a way to get our most high-profile faces in one place, CPAC is your best bet.

If you’re curious about what our field of candidates has to say about controversial issues like immigration, the war on terror, and government transparency, check out the live stream embedded below. Have a question about something you hear? Post a comment on the Tip Line and we’ll do our best to do some digging and find some answers.

Happy CPAC, everyone!

Watch the live stream below the fold:


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