In the new edition of Firewall, Bill Whittle provides a glimpse into how far we’ve come on immigration. Not only is Obama now saying he can grant executive amnesty, a position he claimed was illegal for years, some people in government leadership positions think illegal immigrants have special rights. Very special rights.

Transcript and video via Truth Revolt:

First, if there are no such things as illegal aliens, as the advocates for open borders proclaim – then where does it stop? If seven million people can sneak across the border at night and be granted the same status, and the same benefits as US Citizens – social security, medicare, and the right to vote – then where do we stop? Why only seven million? Why not all seven billion people currently on planet Earth?

If three hundred and twenty million Americans are having money taken from them at gunpoint through taxation in order to GUARANTEE the RIGHT of one transgendered illegal alien to hormone therapy once they cross the border, then there is no line – none. None! – between that and them having to pay through their hard work and taxes the health care of any one of the seven billion people on planet earth who can manage to cross a two thousand mile long line on a map.

Second, if the candidate for the chief law enforcement position in the land says that someone entering the country by breaking the law is not only not going to be arrested and deported, but rather has the same right to take a job from US citizen or a legal immigrant on a work visa and condemning them to unemployment and dependency on the government, then what does that tell you about the person who nominated her to that office?

Watch the whole thing:

In some ways, this fight is reminiscent of Obamacare. No matter what the voters say or do, Obama won’t take no for an answer. Julia Edwards of Reuters:

Justice Department to seek emergency stay to allow immigration action

The U.S. Justice Department will seek an emergency stay to block a decision by a federal judge and allow eligible immigrants to apply for benefits granted under President Barack Obama’s recent executive actions, the White House said on Friday.

Immigration advocates have called on the Obama administration to take legal step to reverse the injunction issued in Texas on Monday that barred immigration officials from accepting work permit applications under the orders.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that the Justice Department will file paperwork requesting the stay by Monday…

Approximately 4.7 million undocumented immigrants could be granted a reprieve from deportation and work permits under Obama’s immigration orders if they are allowed to proceed.

That’s a lot of hormone therapy, folks.

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