Gawker Media website Deadspin helped Cory Gardner win the Colorado Senate race, and contributed to Republicans taking the Senate, by botching a gotcha story about Garnder supposedly faking his high school football record. Deadspin was dead wrong, and we said Thanks Deadspin!

Now Gawker Media website Jezebel has done the equivalent for Scott Walker.

“Senior Reporter” (what could that possible mean at Jezebel?) Natasha Vargas-Cooper thought she had a big, BIG scoop that proved Walker hated women, or something. You see, Walker supposedly didn’t want sexual assault statistics reported by the University of Wisconsin because budget cuts would defund such reporting:

Jezebel Scott Walker Sexual Assault Reporting Original

It was the perfect WAR ON WOMEN narrative. But Vargas-Cooper didn’t know the full story, perhaps because she was too busy dancing on Walker’s political grave.

The Daily Beast then picked up the story, and Scott Walker supposedly hating women spread like wildfire.

Turns out the reporting cut was requested by the University of Wisconsin itself because it was redundant of federal reporting it already did — why spend the money to report the same thing twice?

And the world came crashing down on Jezebel and Vargas-Cooper, but she stood strong in the face of the patriarchy:

Twitter NatashaVC Scott Walker Sexual Assault Reporting Refuse to Apologize

Even as Jezebel issued a tepid correction.

Jezebel Scott Walker Sexual Assault Reporting Update 1

Then The Daily Beast and others started denouncing Vargas-Cooper’s reporting:

Daily Beast Walker Retraction

Jezebel issued a second, more forceful correction and an apology, this time just under the banner, not at the bottom.

Jezebel Scott Walker Sexual Assault Reporting Update 2

And Vargas-Cooper found God decided to try to keep her job, and apologized:

Twitter NatashaVC Scott Walker Sexual Assault Reporting Apology

So what does all this mean?

First, Walker is supremely frustrating to Democrats and the liberal media. No matter what they throw at him, he just gets stronger.

Second, Walker is going through the vetting process by liberal media long before anyone else. Indeed, it’s just part of a process that has been going on for 4 years for Walker. If he survives it, which he likely will, he’ll emerge even stronger.

Third, coming after the Gail Collins fiasco of blaming Walker for budget cuts that took place before he took office, there will be more caution among the liberal media trying to get Walker. As much as “reporters” want a scoop, they don’t want to be Gail Collins or Natasha Vargas-Cooper.

Fourth, don’t think that the anti-Walker movement views this as a “loss.”  Scott Walker was smeared, it took time for the truth to come out, and the falsehood likely already is embedded in the public persona.

Fifth, we need to be vigilant and correctly aggressive in calling out the liberal media when it lies and misleads about Republican candidates.

We can’t stop the smears, but it does seem that the Force is with Walker. (h/t @TimSayWhat)

UPDATE 3-1-2015: Natasha Vargas-Cooper has turned her Twitter account Private: