On Monday, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf insisted that the only way we’ll be able to defeat ISIS is by ensuring the terrorists have jobs and opportunities—a statement that would be hilarious if it were on SNL and not an actual thing that Administration officials believe in real life.

Contrary to civilization upon civilization’s worth of wisdom, Harf also said, “we cannot win this war by killing” ISIS.

The internet, having seen the idiocy in action, responded accordingly. Ms. Harf responded by grabbing the biggest shovel she could find and dug with the fury of 1,000 waffling diplomats. She went so far as to quote… George W. Bush?

First, she blasted a link that touts the UN sanctions against ISIL—and we all know how effective sanctions are… Right, Iran?

Then, she tweeted where she lifted her talking points; a CNN article from 2008.

In what appears to be a rogue move, Harf completely disregarded the blanket, “always blame W” memo by using one of his many speeches to justify her stance. A speech that he gave in Mexico. In 2002.

Logically, citing Colin Powell had to be the next move. Also from 2002.

And finally:

$20 says she whipped out an old master’s thesis and began feverishly tweeting sources she’d cited, baffled as to how Informed America could possibly not understand that eradicating poverty is the best solution to ISIS’ willingness to terrorize an entire chunk of the globe.

The best (or worst, I suppose) part? Harf’s resume includes a Master’s in Foreign Affairs and a stint at the CIA. That’s right—she’s a “credible expert” on the Middle East. Yet rather than fight the War on Terror, Harf and her DOS/administration betters have decided the War on Other People’s Poverty is the place to plant our flag.

And they thought W was an imbecile.

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