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Ridiculous Requirements Week at College Insurrection

Ridiculous Requirements Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

Columbia University is starting a new mandatory program.

George Washington University, too.

Meanwhile, over in Utah…

Cornell also has an interesting new requirement.

Which class would you rather take?

Unions. Just what higher education needs.

Academic amnesty.

Gubernatorial news.

Fascinating stuff…

All leftism, all the time.

Or maybe not…

Cause and effect?

BDS Update.

And finally, stupid news…

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The UW-Madison article is an excellent read.

Even in the 1960’s, you couldn’t get into college without two languages, studied in high school. (People used to pick Latin, and either German, or French). And, math included at least one term of calculus.

There was a very big rebellion, animal house style. And, both the language requirements and the math were dropped. Even at the Ivy League schools. And, even at Stanford.

It’s been downhill ever since.

Now back in the 1960’s (when you could travel Europe on $5 a day), some parents gave their kids a duffel bag, and enough pairs of sox plus underwear, so they could experience traveling through Europe.

In many cases, which was proven when WW2 ended, college is a much better experience when you’re 25.

While even in Harvard’s history, it was known men went off to college to drink beer and have sex. After you learn “reading, writing, and arithmatic,” (which was referred to as “The 3 R’s.” You can see that “higher education” just keeps people out of the jobs pool.” It’s their “purpose” to do that!

And, during the 1950’s it was the “purpose” of coed colleges to supply husbands to girls who didn’t get married before they were 18.

I have a cousin who attended Boston College. She remembers in one of her first math classes, the professor announced to the ladies: “DO NOT ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS.” He went on to say they were really there looking for husbands, so if they had questions they should ask their male colleagues. Otherwise known as classmates.

Now? It’s taxpayers who fork over the funds that’s lowered the bar! Look at those courses! And, the likes of the idiots who teach them! No wonder Scott Walker will have no trouble overcoming that he has no degree. And, very little tolerance for the BS that passes for an education these days.

From “sheepskin to toilet paper.” But, hey, you got that gal (sulko-lost-her-wits). She carries her dorm mattress wherever she goes on campus at Columbia. (That mattress sure looked lightweight to me.) Doesn’t look like it would contribute to a good night’s sleep to me.