Chicago’s Mayor can’t be bothered with first person pronouns. At least not when it comes to his Twitter account.

Not all politicians have social media pros running their accounts for them. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn runs his own Twitter account. And former Texas Governor, Rick Perry, also personally tweets from his account. And who can forget Senator Grassley’s infamous tweets?

Like most elected officials, Emanuel probably has someone running his account for him. But for some unknown, yet hilarious reason, whomever is managing the good Mayor’s account has opted to go third person.

Chris Ziegler from The Verge pointed out:

I’m especially amused by the Twitter feed of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, for some reason. Maybe it’s the frequency of third-person tweets; maybe it’s the fact that he usually refers to himself simply as “Rahm,” not something more formal like “Mayor Emanuel.” It’s just Rahm talkin’ about Rahm. Rahm on Rahm.

Rahm, Rahm, and more Rahm:

And the tweets continue in all their third-person, Kanye-esque glory. Rahm on man, Rahm on.

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