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Pre-CPAC Reader Poll Results

Pre-CPAC Reader Poll Results

And the winner is …

We had good participation in our Pre-CPAC Reader Poll, in which readers could pick up to 3 candidates.

Of course it’s not a “scientific” poll, it’s a snapshot of the Legal Insurrection Readership at a moment in time — more towards the conservative, Tea Party, libertarian …. definitely not “establishment” (however you want to define that, you know it when you see it).

There are two clear winners: Ted Cruz who edged out Scott Walker by a narrow margin, after a late surge, with Rand Paul a clear third. No one else was close.  There was a little ballot box stuffing, but nothing so organized that it seriously skewed the results.

What does it all mean?

Cruz and Walker are the choice of “the base” and there seems to be little excitement for other candidates. As “unscientific” as this was, I think it reflects reality.

Pre-CPAC Reader Polls Results


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DINORightMarie | February 25, 2015 at 8:15 am

I never got the “vote for three” – whenever I tried, it didn’t take.

However, my favorite guy won!! Scott Walker a close 2nd.

Sounds like the ideal ticket…….unless Nikki Haley or Susana Martinez emerge as viable VP gov’s.

Thanks for the results post!

    This is probably the closet to reality you will find anywhere on the “web” concerning potential Repub candidates. I vote Walker/Cruz for 2016 and beyond!

Cruz or Walker, either one is fine with me.

We need an executive, not a legislator. Governors know how to govern. Senators know how to hold press conferences and attend meetings. Electability…now that’s another thing…the MSM will go nuclear on any of them (it’s already begun).

Jeb Bush must have read about this outcome, he is out this morning trying to whip up illegal votes from illegal aliens.

Caught me by surprise that this site, of all the conservative sites I read, is the only one to put Cruz on top.

I must have missed the poll.

I’m with Kitty that Cruz and Walker are both good picks in my book.

You realize that none of this matters a hill ‘o beans, right?

All readers of this site are considered right-wing terrorists(DHS tells us so), and I expect we will all be rounded up into FEMA camps well before any election…

Just sayin’,,,

dittos cruz and walker. I’m surprised Jindal wasn’t a little higher.

buckeyeminuteman | February 25, 2015 at 1:05 pm

I’m honestly shocked…that 49 people picked Chris Christie!

Based on his comments today, Jeb is really out of his flucking mind.

Hot Air published its poll today, also a non-scientific poll of readers/commenters, but a far larger number of them. I suspect their readership is a little less conservative than is LI’s.

Same basic result though, Cruz and Walker way ahead, except Walker tops Cruz over there:

Walker 58%
Cruz 22%

Everyone else was 5% or less, with Jeb Bush bringing up the rear at 1%.

Its interesting to see the social conservative Santorum and Huckabee doing so poorly. As a far-right wing social conservative, I applaud this outcome as both Santorum and Huckabee endorse using the state as an agent of social change instead of leaving things to civil society.

    Yes, they are big-government social conservatives. Not good.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to gettimothy. | February 26, 2015 at 1:57 am

    I agree with both you and Amy.

    That said, I think they’re good people but I don’t want to see either of them in a governing position, especially Huck.

    I don’t trust Southern Baptists because they’re teetotalers and they don’t dance. Santorum is Catholic so at least he can take a glass of wine and a spin around the dance floor.

I am happy with those results… Ted Cruz and Scott Walker. Good choices, both!

Just the afternoon, the Washington Post exulted

“Jeb Bush has already won the Republican establishment primary and is therefore the likely nominee. “

This is why it’s important for ordinary Americans like us to get out there and get behind a candidate we like, one who actually stands a chance of winning the election. Don’t let the GOP establishment, with their lefty media enablers, saddle us with a loser once again. Get out there and get active.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Amy in FL. | February 26, 2015 at 2:15 am

    I agree. Establish an upper echelon of about five or six acceptable candidates that of course excludes Bush, Christie, Huck, etc.. My guy doesn’t have to win in order for me to actively support any of those acceptable candidates in the general election.

    The top five I’d prefer to see who would make the best president for us are Perry, Walker, Cruz, Jindal, Carson. I don’t want Kasich, Fiorina or Rubio, but I’d still support them in the general. Paul is a tougher sell for me because he’s about as whacked out as his dad is on foreign affairs. He talked a good game for awhile but he’s been flaky for quite some time. Unless someone else emerges, that is probably the slate. Bush must be defeated.

    There needs to be lots of polling of conservatives so the money backers will see that Bush is a loser due to conservative rebellion and start throwing their money behind a possible winner.

The Miami Herald haz the sads:

The Club for Growth, a conservative group, has invited a gaggle of potential Republican presidential candidates to speak at the organization’s winter conference beginning Thursday at the Breakers hotel in West Palm Beach. Slated to appear are former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, as well as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Not invited: Florida reporters.


What does the group think of Donald Trump’s “serious” exploration of a run?