We had good participation in our Pre-CPAC Reader Poll, in which readers could pick up to 3 candidates.

Of course it’s not a “scientific” poll, it’s a snapshot of the Legal Insurrection Readership at a moment in time — more towards the conservative, Tea Party, libertarian …. definitely not “establishment” (however you want to define that, you know it when you see it).

There are two clear winners: Ted Cruz who edged out Scott Walker by a narrow margin, after a late surge, with Rand Paul a clear third. No one else was close.  There was a little ballot box stuffing, but nothing so organized that it seriously skewed the results.

What does it all mean?

Cruz and Walker are the choice of “the base” and there seems to be little excitement for other candidates. As “unscientific” as this was, I think it reflects reality.

Pre-CPAC Reader Polls Results


[Featured Image source: CNN Video]