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Llamas wreak havoc in Sun City, Arizona

Llamas wreak havoc in Sun City, Arizona

Llama drama

It’s not everyday llamas make national news. And it’s not everyday I have an opportunity to write a headline with about a llama.

According to Fox News:

Two escaped llamas sparked a high-speed chase in Sun City, Ariz., this afternoon.

Police and residents alike swarmed the black and white llamas in an attempt to capture the two outlaws, who ran through the streets from their attempted captors.

The llama drama came to an end after the partners-in-crime were lassoed and caught.

Who among us hasn’t wanted to escape and evade authorities until being lassoed?

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legacyrepublican | February 26, 2015 at 7:22 pm

I thought Sun City was a retirement community. Wonder if that is where Llamas go when they retire?

Is this a publicity stunt for Goat Simulator II?

We have llamas in the wild in the coastal plains of North Carolina, but ours are no ordinary llamas. They are venomous and hunt their prey in packs in the dark hours just after sunset, typically bedded deer, small bears, and humans. We have a bounty on them, $50 for a male, $250 for a female, but it has not helped. Who would risk such a horrible death for $250?

bob aka either orr | February 26, 2015 at 11:04 pm

Cuidado!!! Llamas!!!

A white one and a black one. Guess which one gets into Harvard.

Drama? Looked more like a comedy to me. Of course most of us go through our entire careers without an opportunity to use a phrase like llama drama, so I suppose a bit of hyperbole is only to be expected.

Every day, not everyday. Everyday is an adjective.

Thanks for the laugh, Kemberlee. I needed that.