What is going on in the Left Coast?

Reader and frequent commenter LukeHandCool, a resident of Santa Monica, sends along this note and link:

What happens when the blackboard jungle comes to two of the most progressive high schools in America?

How could this possibly happen in Utopia when all the kids are taught they are unbelievably special just for breathing?

I’ll tell you what happens. You get long, long hand-wringing emails from the principal on an almost daily basis.

Here’s the link, Video Emerges Of Nasty Brawl Between Rival High Schools:

Video of a nasty fight between rival high schools last month — touched off by basketball games — has now emerged….

The teams involved were Santa Monica High and Beverly Hills High. The fight broke out at Santa Monica High on Jan. 23 following a sweep of the JV and varsity boys’ and girls’ basketball teams by Beverly Hills….

On the video, CBS2’s Greg Mills reports “there are lots of punches thrown, angry words.”

“It was clear that the first punches that were thrown were thrown by Samohi students,” said Jackson Price, a Beverly Hills High student, “and the Samohi students out numbered the Beverly High students.” …

As is the usual custom, most of the cars parked were at 4th Street, at the Santa Monica Civic Center. As students walked to their cars, angry words were exchanged.

“I heard there was a big fight, things just got out of hand,” says Santa Monica High student Ronnie Cornelius. He wrestles for the school — didn’t attend the game — but told Mills “everyone” was talking about it.

Price has covered the rivalry for his school newspaper for four years but said it was nothing as intense as it was on the night of Jan. 23.
“It quickly escalated,” said Price, “they followed this kid to his Mercedes. They proceeded to kick in his headlights and key his car and jump on top of his roof.”

Things sure have changed in 90210 since the good old days.