Hey, remember when Hamas was lobbing thousands of missiles at Israeli cities, trying to kidnap people, and killing when they got lucky?

Of course you remember it. It has happened every couple of years since Hamas took over Gaza.

And before that, the Palestinians strapped bombs on their loved ones and sent them to blow up restaurants, supermarkets, buses, and anything else they could sneak into.

And before that ….

But always the question is whether Israel’s response is proportionate, like pointed out in this Al Jazeera column:

… on June 26, [2014] the UN Human Rights Council deliberated on the situation in Palestine and other Arab-occupied territories. During the deliberations, the council issued a warning to Israel that there may be serious repercussions as a result of its campaign against the Palestinian people, which constituted a continuing violation of international humanitarian law, following the abduction of three Israeli teenagers.

EU leaders on Gaza: ‘Israel has right to protect itself but it must act proportionately’:

The EU leaders condemned the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel and the indiscriminate targeting of civilians.

Israel has a right to protect its population from these attacks, but it must act proportionately and ensure the protection of civilians, they said.

ISIS just killed a Jordanian pilot, brutally by setting him on fire. No justification, but one person.

Jordan is now bombing the hell out of ISIS positions, including in cities and civilian areas, certainly killing civilians.

And has vowed to continue Till we run ‘out of fuel and bullets’:

Max Abrahms makes the point that no one seems to be asking for a “proportionate” Jordanian response:

Indeed, as of this writing, a Google Search for “Jordan Proportionate” turns up zero entries concerning Jordan’s revenge against ISIS.

Actually, it did turn up this Tweet paraphrasing the Jordanian Army, which uses “Proportionate” not as a restraint on the response, but to magnify it:

“Proportionate” apparently only applies to Israel.