On Thursday, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation to House staffers on the BDS movement, and the role Congress legitimately can play in addressing the new form of the century-old Arab boycott of Jews in the land of Israel. I spoke about pending legislation, as well as possible additional legislation.

The moderator for my presentation was David Hazony of The Tower Magazine:

Back at CPAC, I spent some time on “Radio Row,” where many high profile radio talk shows have set up booths.

I’ve been fortunate to interview with several of them, including Larry O’Connor of WMAL in D.C. …

William Jacobson on Larry O'Connor Show at CPAC 2015

…and Boston Herald Radio, which was particularly enjoyable because we spent most of the time talking about Elizabeth Warren and her “problems.”

The downside of Herald Radio? I was having a really bad hair day.

At CPAC itself, Scott Walker truly rocked the house. He’s generating some “buzz” here, for sure.

Scott Walker CPAC Speech 2015