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Eric Holder – We’re not at a Time of War

Eric Holder – We’re not at a Time of War

Orwell would be proud.

Outgoing attorney general Eric Holder made a stunning assertion at the National Press Club yesterday by suggesting that America isn’t at a time of war.

The American people, who see the Islamic radicals of ISIS beheading Christians and burning people alive probably think differently.

Tim Mak of The Daily Beast reported:

Eric Holder: ‘We’re Not at a Time of War’

U.S. and coalition forces have conducted nearly 2,300 airstrikes hitting more than 4,800 targets in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, as part of the ongoing campaign to defeat the so-called Islamic State. Three service members have already perished in these ongoing operations against ISIS.

But according to Attorney General Eric Holder, “we’re not at a time of war.”
The comments, during a luncheon at the National Press Club, came just days after the White House sent Congressional leaders a draft bill that would authorize the continuation of the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

President Obama declared an end to the ‘Global War on Terror’ in 2013, but that was before the emergence of the so-called Islamic State and the operation the president launched to fight them. Last week, the White House proposed a war authorization that set out no geographical limits on the use against ISIS and its affiliated groups, which was criticized by some of the left who said it allowed the president too much leeway to conduct military action.

Holder made the remarks Tuesday while responding to a question about the Department of Justice’s prosecution of journalists over national security matters.

Here’s a clip of Holder’s appearance.

You’ll notice that while Holder was agitated over questions about the administration’s refusal to say radical Islam, he was quite comfortable naming their biggest perceived threat: FOX News.

Allahpundit of Hot Air makes an excellent point:

Didn’t his boss just send a very open-ended war authorization request to Congress last week? Did I dream that?

I can’t tell anymore if the White House’s weird pronouncements on ISIS and radical Islam are examples of fine lawyerly parsing or crude blunt-force denial.

Andrew C. McCarthy of National Review has more:

Attorney General Eric Holder, now on his way out the door, clearly feels liberated to let fly with his various interesting views on things. But in light of his assertion today that the nation is “not in a time of war,” one has to wonder when he came to that conclusion. Not only, as Brendan notes, are thousands of American soldiers still in harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq. The commander-in-chief is still ordering air strikes and/or drone strikes in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

No worries. Just give everyone in ISIS a job, that should take care of it.


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Yeah, we’re not at war. That’s gotta be a real lift in morale for all our military personnel who are currently at war.

These people are viciously incompetent.

Jeebus, it makes your head spin.

Especially if you are an American hostage of ISIS.

Phillep Harding | February 18, 2015 at 7:12 pm

What does he call this:

“The commander-in-chief is still ordering air strikes and/or drone strikes in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.”

Target practice?

How about:

“President Obama declared an end to the ‘Global War on Terror’ in 2013…”

Why is that? Mission Accomplished?

Unfortunately, he’s right to a degree…”we” are not at war, “We” at at the mall and a relatively few of our military personnel are at war.

More unfortunately however, is that the large and growing group of people our few military members are fighting ARE at war and they are bound and determined to make sure that war comes to our neighborhoods sooner rather than later.

Sadly, it seems our National political ‘leadership’ is making that as easy as possible for them short of sending the Marines…The MERCHANT Marines…to provide transportation.

Fundamentally an unserious AG: Racist, Socialist, Victim, and Corrupt. Extradition to Mexico for Fast and Furious?

Relax. He must be planing an overseas contingency operation.

Between Obama, Holder and that State Dept babe sure looks like Scott Walker made the right decision to dump college.

“We’re not at a time of war.”

Not good, because your opponent is at a time of war.

Unfortunately, he is right. In the last six months we have flown approximately 2000 sorties against ISIS; during the fighting in Iraq under our last real CinC we often flew that many during a single day. We presently have 300 Marines training Iraqis at the al-Asad base who are being systematically surrounded by several times that many ISIS fighters. Our current response seems to be … yawn.

Congratulations President Obama! Your efforts to fundamentally transform this country are working … and the country may not survive. Yes, congratulations are due to you for your efforts to destroy my country, you contemptible poltroon.

What Holder is telling us is that ISIS, the Radical Islamic (“Allahu Akbar”) Crusading and Killing Terrorist group which is expanding its murderous hateful influence across the world (including Hillary’s ‘left-over’ Libya) is NOT on his a priori SPLC Hatewatch List.

And, ISIS poses no “existential threat” because they are using beheading swords, immolation, bullets and propaganda as weapons of mass destruction instead of nuclear weapons.

All Islam (including its ‘unreasonable’ mutations) is immutable in Obama’s and Holder’s eyes. We are the haters.

SPLC: “All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

So will McTurtle now lead the battle to blow off Holder’s equally corrupt replacement?

Better, will McTurtle lead the way to impeach Holder?