Carly Fiorina failed to win her 2010 bid against Barbara “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Boxer.

Her campaign wasn’t great, but then again, which of the Republican candidates really was going to beat Babs?

Carly’s speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit was well received, and gained her a lot of attention as a candidate, as it did Scott Walker.

She is talking about possibly running, and is setting up her spring schedule in a way that makes it seem she has presidential politics in mind.

And she’s sitting down for interviews in all the right places, and saying all the right things.

Looks like she could take the fight to Hillary, and dull the War on Women Democratic meme. But she will need a big breakout to make her a leading candidate.

How will we know she is a potential threat to Hillary? When national media starts digging into her high school years.

Carly versus Hillary — could be interesting.

A woman who made it on her own in a man’s business world versus a woman who rode her husband’s coattails her entire life and never accomplished anything.

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[Carly Fiorina 2006 – Hillary Clinton 2014]

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