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A New Amnesty Loophole

A New Amnesty Loophole

It’s possible to vote

Is there anyone on Earth who is surprised at this news?

President Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty will make it easier for illegal immigrants to improperly register and vote in elections, state elections officials testified to Congress on Thursday, saying that the driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers they will be granted create a major voting loophole.

While stressing that it remains illegal for noncitizens to vote, secretaries of state from Ohio and Kansas said they won’t have the tools to sniff out illegal immigrants who register anyway, ignoring stiff penalties to fill out the registration forms that are easily available at shopping malls, motor vehicle bureaus and in curbside registration drives.

The article contains quotes from various Democrats with the usual disclaimers, such as the idea that no one will actually do this so there’s nothing to worry about. But it seems odd to assume that those who’ve already lived here illegally for years would all be so very loathe to risk breaking another law, especially if someone with an interest in their doing so were to offer them some cash for their troubles. Not to mention the fact that there are probably some amnesty recipients who might misunderstand the law and think that their new status confers on them the bona fide right to vote.

Is the chance to register to vote really an unintended “loophole” through which the purpose of the amnesty order can be evaded? It is certainly possible it’s a feature rather than a bug as far as Obama and the Democrats are concerned. In any event, there was and will be no effort by the Democratic Party or Obama to make it impossible for illegals with amnesty to vote, although this could have been done. The fact that the secretaries of state “don’t have the tools to sniff out illegal immigrants who register” is no accident; they’ve been kept from having them.

The following “loopholes” are also things that could probably have been ironed out if the law had been passed by Congress. But that was never going to happen, so Obama took up his pen and phone and didn’t bother with all those pesky little details:

…[There is] a perverse incentive created by Obamacare that would make newly legalized workers more attractive to some businesses than American workers and complications with the tax code.

The newly legalized workers can apply for back refunds from the IRS even for years when they didn’t file their taxes, agency Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress on Wednesday.

Mr. Koskinen [of the IRS] said the White House never spoke with him about potential consequences before Mr. Obama announced his policy changes. The secretaries of state who testified to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Thursday said they too never heard from Mr. Obama ahead of time.

So, what can Republicans do, and what will they do? Even if Republicans were united on what to do (which they are not), their options without a two-thirds majority in the Senate to override a veto (or to convict if Obama were to be impeached by the House) are limited, and involve government shutdowns or defunding Homeland Security or similar moves that remain highly unpopular with the American public although very popular with conservatives.

Obama has always been confident that the Republicans lack the will to stop him, and that even if they could muster the will the majority of the American people would back him in any sort of funding standoff. That is the real and very difficult dilemma the Republican members of Congress face, including those conservatives who would dearly like to stop Obama’s amnesty.

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Doesn’t even try to hide his agenda anymore and the American public is too stupid to stop him.

Solution (short of actually denying amnesty, which probably, and unfortunately, won’t happen):
Create a new series or type of SSN that will identify someone as a non-citizen. For instance, the middle three digits can be replaced with an alpha-numeric character set (citizens have just numerals in this position)that can be replaced once citizenship is acquired , but will permit authorities to identify non-citizens. The applications of non-citizens for benefits and voting can be easily flagged (either by databases that will automatically flag the special character set, and reject the application, or by the MkI Eyeball on paper forms) and denied. (If this particular approach can’t work, a “normal” SSN can be issued with a prefix or suffix of characters that will indicated “non-citizen” status. The prefix or suffix can then simply be dropped when the person acquires citizenship. People with knowledge of the SSN system should be able to concoct a workable method based on this simple idea.)

And WE are too stupid to allow absolute morons to head the GOP, OUR party – one which we elected to stop this madness.

But the latest passionate message from Boehner as our plaent catapaults to it’s next world war: “Obama’s plan for ISIS isn’t ‘smart.’

Then there’s that unbelievable flounder McConnell.

It’s not the American public that is too stupid – they’re just indoctrinated. The stupid ones are US, for tolerating the corrupt wimps working for us in Washington.

When you hear of the rise of Hitler, Chamberlain is always mentioned. In the future, the horrible name ‘Obama’ will always be followed by the pathetic name of Obama’s enabler, ‘Boehner.’

Each day we tolerate idiots Boehner and McConnell is a day our nation slides further into tyranny.

For starters, pass a simple law mandating the provision of what the Secretaries of State of Ohio and Kansas think they need to prevent non-citizen registration.

Let one of President Obama’s first “bold” vetoes be a straightforward voter-fraud prevention measure targeted at the loopholes his amnesty has created.

Anyone who didn’t expect this hasn’t been paying attention. Both illegal aliens and legal resident aliens have been voting, so we can only expect illegal voting will increase.

Around ten years ago, there was a problem in some Texas courts. People whose names were pulled from the voting rolls for jury duty had to be excused because they weren’t citizens. Apparently the judges were a little better at explaining perjury than the people who registered them to vote.

I don’t recall ever reading about Eric Holder requiring that rolls be purged, but I do remember him fighting tooth and nail against state voter ID laws. Why, it’s almost as if…

At some point you’d think Boehner’s and McConnell’s butts would get too sore to continue, but no. Perhaps they enjoy it.

When is it time to impeach?

Obama is so far beyond…

    Karen, my apologies for the accidental down vote.

    We are past impeachment for the entire administration, including a majority of congress.

    Torches and pitchforks seems more appropriate…

“But it seems odd to assume that those who’ve already lived here illegally for years would all be so very loathe to risk breaking another law, especially if someone with an interest in their doing so were to offer them some cash for their troubles.”

No offense, but it seems odd to assume said illegals will not be thoroughly coached on exactly how to get registered to vote. Why provide the loophole if you’re not going to make sure it is exploited?

And here in New York City, comrade de Blasio is jumping for joy. His new “ID” cards will be used to register and vote, so his path to a second term just got easier.. Bah!

Voting is old school. The glaring “loophole” is a legal takeover through birth of natural born “citizens” subsidized by the native population.

Displace, Replace, Abort, and Tax… DRAT policy!

Pass the opiates. Now we’re covered.