Texas State Representative Marsha Farney filed a bill yesterday that would make the cowboy hat the official hat of Texas.

Dr. Farney is an Aggie and former educator from Georgetown, Texas (a smallish town north of Austin).

According to the Houston Chronicle:

The proposed resolution cites the significance of the cowboy headgear in Texas’ history as one reason for naming it the State Hat, as well as its prevalence in modern Texas culture.

“The cowboy hat symbolizes both the state’s iconic western culture and the uniqueness of its residents, and it is indeed appropriate that this stylish and dignified apparel receive special legislative recognition,” the resolution reads.

This is not the first time the cowboy hat will be discussed in the Texas State Legislature. In 2013, the House voted unanimously to make Garland the Cowboy Hat Capital of Texas due to the city’s “hat-making talent.”

Garland, Texas is home to Stetson, one of the most iconic cowboy hat-makers in existence. No word yet on whether or not proper cowboy hat-wearing etiquette will also be codified.

During the last legislative session, Dr. Farney introduced HCR 53, which designated Pecan Pie as the State Pie of Texas. The measure was greeted with some…interesting…debate:

Ultimately, the measure passed, and there was much rejoicing and eating of pie.

Gotta love the Lone Star state, where cowboy hats and pecan pie are part of legally recognized tradition.

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