Via Bearing Arms (h/t Rebel Pundit):

In his Twitter profile, Reverend Jarrett Maupin describes himself as a, “Progressive Baptist Preacher. Civil Rights Campaigner. Radical Political Activist.”

He’s led numerous civil rights protests in Arizona, including recent protests of the death of Rumain Brisbon, a suspected drug dealer, at the hands of Phoenix police.

The details of Brison’s death aren’t surprising. Like the overwhelming majority of those killed by police officers, Brisbon was violently resisting arrest when the officer shot him

Reverend Maupin didn’t think justice was served when the non-compliant Brison ran from the officer, and then physically fought the officer’s efforts to take him into custody.

His perspective now is just a little bit different, now that he’s had an opportunity for a “cop’s eye view” in three force-on-force training scenarios.


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