I didn’t see this coming.

When Aleister posted the Reader Poll matching Mitt versus Jeb, I thought there would be a relatively close split.

We deliberately forced the readership into that choice to get a sense of how people who normally would not vote for either in a primary would split between the two top likely “establishment” candidates.

Not only did we get more voting and commenting than usual, the result wasn’t even close, with Mitt prevailing 91% to 9%.

Mitt versus Jeb Legal Insurrection Poll Result January 2014

So it’s not a “scientific” poll of a cross-section of the Republican Party. So what? It’s a temperature gauge of how an important slice of the base would vote.

What it revealed, from the vote count and the comments, is that there is a huge amount of hostility towards Jeb.

While Mitt may not have been the first choice in a more complete field, there’s a more forgiving attitude towards him.

Plus, Mitt turned out to be a better campaigner than expected, and having run the gauntlet, his negatives already are out there.

This should not be seen as an embrace of Mitt as much as a rejection of another Bush (any Bush) presidential run.

Am I right in how I’m reading the results?

Mittmentum or Jebabhorrence?


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