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Mike Huckabee and Jon Stewart duke it out

Mike Huckabee and Jon Stewart duke it out

Is the Beltway Bubble real?

Mike Huckabee joined Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to chat about his new book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. Huckabee recently quit Fox News, suggesting he will toss his hat into the Presidential arena.

The exchange between the two was… interesting.

Huckabee contends there’s a difference between the bubbles that encompass, D.C., New York (City), and Hollywood, and the rest of the country. Having spent a substantial amount of time in D.C. and lived in New York (City), I’m inclined to agree.

Stewart fired back suggesting that the “Bubbas” of the country might be living in their own bubble. Essentially, they are both arguing the exact same thing, with no consensus, and neither seems to recognize that they are in fact arguing the exact same thing. That aside though, it’s probably the best depiction of the Beltway Bubble vs. Real America discussion I’ve seen.

Take a look:

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I have lived in San Antonio, Houston, Washington, the DC suburbs, Chicago, and San Diego. In each of these places I have people who were serenely assured that the laws of this country should be adapted to their condition, and probably nobody else’s.

The simple truth is, this is a big country, with a big population in all kinds of locations and conditions. If our laws are to be fair, they will tend to be complicated if they are Federal, and discordant if they are local.

“Bubble” as used in any meaningful way WRT DC, Nuevo Ork, or Hollyweird, et. al. refers to the enclaves where reality is suspended in favor of Collectivist delusions. Of course, there are many, many others of these bubbles.

As always, I’ll continue to make home Realityville.

And I’ve seen films of boxing kangaroos from the Twenties that were more interesting “slug-fests”.


Midwest Rhino | January 20, 2015 at 6:54 pm

Lots of power has become centralized in DC and New York. So they tend to think the world revolves around them, even down to lowly FOX News reporters.

One thing that might change that a little is for fly over country folks to start pulling their money out of the East, and put the money in the local bank, or invest in their own business. The whole mutual fund thing allowed people to take part in corporate America, but it also allowed many to get fleeced, and the last bubble may not have yet popped.

The “sophisticates” gave the “Bubbas” zero interest rate policy and quantitative easing, and Corzine “borrowing” $1.5B to cover his failed brokerage gambling debt. With $100T or so of unfunded liabilities, the future is getting darker, not brighter, and that mostly came out of DC policy, influenced by NY money.

Yeah … they are in a bubble, but so is the Huckster … he is not “one of us” either. The tea party is “real America”, the 65 to 75% that want less intrusive government, more self reliant people. We aren’t angling for “free stuff” or TV ratings.

I thought a ‘bubble’, as applied to politics, was the result of groups of people who rarely or never interact with people who believe differently than they do. Accordingly, they rarely/never hear anything that conflicts with the group’s beliefs or ideology. Simultaneously, those beliefs or ideology are constantly communally reinforced, each member cocooned among identically believing peers.

However, the ‘bubble’ is usually assigned to the media or to politicians in DC or state capitals. The media and elected officialdom, like most people, cannot possibly isolate themselves from beliefs, philosophies, and evidences from the other side(s). Nobody can. So, it requires a good deal of willful ignorance – rejecting conflicting data simply because it conflicts with one’s beliefs. It’s a bubble, but it’s willful, built quite on purpose from within.

Only made it a couple minutes. Stewart’s condescension and constantly putting words into Huckabee’s mouth are maddening.