Mike Huckabee joined Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to chat about his new book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. Huckabee recently quit Fox News, suggesting he will toss his hat into the Presidential arena.

The exchange between the two was… interesting.

Huckabee contends there’s a difference between the bubbles that encompass, D.C., New York (City), and Hollywood, and the rest of the country. Having spent a substantial amount of time in D.C. and lived in New York (City), I’m inclined to agree.

Stewart fired back suggesting that the “Bubbas” of the country might be living in their own bubble. Essentially, they are both arguing the exact same thing, with no consensus, and neither seems to recognize that they are in fact arguing the exact same thing. That aside though, it’s probably the best depiction of the Beltway Bubble vs. Real America discussion I’ve seen.

Take a look:

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