Legal Insurrection is not a media “watchdog”-type blog. We understand that the New York Times operates on a bias, and that 90% of what is said on MSNBC is generally garbage that should be ignored.

This, however, cannot be ignored.

I think that by now we’ve all seen the liberal freakout that has dominated in the wake of the fantastically successful release of “American Sniper.” We acknowledge the reality of the divide between conservatives and some progressives over the need for armed conflict, and its resulting debates. But what’s been happening with regards to the narrative about this movie as it relates to Chris Kyle’s legacy is beyond shameful.

Check out what this guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” had to say about what troubles him regarding the spotlight that has recently been shone on “American Sniper” protagonist Kyle:

“A lot of stories about when he was back home in Texas. A lot of his own personal opinions about what he was doing in Iraq, how he viewed Iraqis, what some people described as his racist tendencies toward Iraqis and Muslims as he was going on some of these, you know, killing sprees in Iraq on assignment. I think there are issues.”

That isn’t just some random talking head. That’s Ayman Mohyeldin; he’s an NBC News foreign correspondent and regular MSNBC contributor. He goes on, as Caleb Howe at Truth Revolt notes, to defend his “killing spree” comment even above the objections of Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist. You can hear it in Scarborough’s tone; he obviously knew where Mohyeldin was going (buuuuuut??) but this was too much even for Joe.

Notice what Mohyeldin does here. At no point does he bring up a credible source for this heinous comment; even his fellow talking heads mention that the “stories that came out of Texas” may or may not have been true, but he blows right past that and continues with his assertion that performing your duty as a sniper in a war zone constitutes engagement in a “racist killing spree.”

Progressives like Mohyeldin are doing this not because they’re angry that a military movie made such a smash hit on American culture, but because they’re absolutely terrified that someone they believe is by default a racist murderer (by virtue of the fact that he was a sniper in a war zone that happened to be in the Middle East) could capture the hearts and minds of Americans that progressives so decisively lost in 2014.

This is insidious. This is intentional. This isn’t just bias—this is what a media agenda looks like.

h/t Caleb Howe at Truth Revolt


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