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IDF soldiers share their food with Palestinian teens

IDF soldiers share their food with Palestinian teens

Can you believe what these Israeli monsters did?

Two Palestinian teens approached a group of IDF soldiers manning their post in Hebron, asking for food. The Israeli soldiers were more than happy to oblige.

As United With Israel pointed out:

The Arab media would have you believe that the IDF is butchering the allegedly poor, oppressed Palestinians. If that was the case, why would these kids approach the soldiers? And why would the soldiers respond as they do?

Take a look at the heartwarming exchange:

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Why those rascally Israeli’s…don’t they know there is a narrative?
…don’t they know their place in making sure the narrative is followed? …and how dare those Palestinian kids not adhering to the narrative and throwing rocks!

What is wrong with the world these days? Everyone seems to not understand that the Left sells a narrative for their own good and they shouldn’t do anything that proves the narrative is a lie.

Great story; it will be all over the mainstream media in: 1,000,000…999,999…999,998…999,997…