This weekend, Senators Cruz, Paul, and Rubio squared off about a number of issues at a Freedom Partners event; Iran being the most contentious part of the conversation.

“We’re allowing Iran to continue building centrifuges an enrich uranium. They’ve been negotiating for two years, this is the worst negotiation in the history of mankind,” Cruz said.

Paul retorted, “What are we going to do? Are you ready to send ground troops into Iran? Are you ready to bomb them? Are you ready to send 100,000 troops, are you ready to send them into Iraq, do you want them in Syria, do you want them in Libya? The place is a mess. It’s been a mess for a thousand years, so we have to think about what really are the practical results of not negotiating.”

Take a look:

Historically, Paul has professed non-interventionism, while also toeing the “we must act now” line. Regardless, it’s an interesting frame to the Republican foreign policy debate moving into 2016.

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