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Bill Whittle: in 2015, “think small!”

Bill Whittle: in 2015, “think small!”

Here’s how you win big by thinking small. Happy 2015!

Everything about America is big.

We have big government, big schools, big corporations, and big containers of french fries that social etiquette doesn’t require we share with a friend. The strange thing about the wonderful bigness of everything we’re surrounded by is that we have no choice but to embrace the bigness.

Unless you choose to home school, you usually have no choice but to send your children to large public schools. (If you’re lucky enough to live within range of a charter school, you’ll have to throw elbows to get your kid to the front of the line.) Unless you choose to connect to the power grid, you’ll either have to finesse your own method of powering your home, or become content with candles. If you want to travel long distances, you’ll either have to stand in line and be groped by the TSA, or find a friend with a private jet.

See a pattern emerging?

In this latest episode of “Afterburner,” Bill Whittle encourages us to embrace the greatness of all that America has to offer by thinking small—small communities, small networks, and most importantly, small government.


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Midwest Rhino | January 3, 2015 at 4:26 pm

The often left leaning “buy local” farmers market types should be able to get behind “govern local”. Such as Holder ousting local control because of “disparate impact” … blacks being arrested in higher proportion than their population. Gee … let’s have the feds come in and Sharpton start ordering around the local police.

I also prefer religion to be local, starting with family, rather than a pope pushing social justice and global warming redistribution nonsense.

Smaller AND more local, which go hand in hand.

I LIKE the way that Whittle boy thinks…!!!

A brilliant guy, Bill Whittle.

The problem is, about half the U.S. population either couldn’t understand what he was talking about, or would refuse to.

We really are two nations now.