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Why Yes, we will post feel-good videos today

Why Yes, we will post feel-good videos today

Because we’re just that way. (And it’s a really slow news day because Christmas.)

Saw a version of this, without the narration, on Facebook:

From Christmas 2013, Father Deaf for 50 Years Hears Daughter Sing for the First Time:

And the obligatory — one in the series of soldier surprises at Christmas:

You want more? Yes you do:

Any other suggestions? Post in comments.


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Looks like a Savannah-Serval/Tabby hybrid. These are very intelligent and dog like in nature and are highly trainable and have excellent dispositions. They usually weigh in between 30-40 lbs…

Beautiful kitten and very good natured dog. Think you are right about the mix.

GrumpyOne, do you occasionally post on the WT site? If not, there is another person with that post name?