If you’re paying attention to what the mainstream media is selling, you know that when it comes to militant Islam, the world has a big censorship problem.

The Lawfare Project just released a new video that offers up a laundry list of examples of times when the criticism and discussion of radical Islam has been censored, repressed, or fought via “lawfare.”


I think Lawfare has an excellent point; right now, we’re in the middle of the annual “War on Christmas,” in which the entire country (world? probably) “has a conversation” about the propriety of hosting a Nativity scene during a holiday season that celebrates the Nativity.

By “conversation,” of course, we mean “conversation about how best to push religious expression into the shadows (unless it involves the Koran, in which case, rock on.)”

I don’t think we’ll ever win the war against censorship—they’ll keep trying, and we’ll keep fighting to have our voices heard. But the key to make sure the world hears the voices of those radical Islam has touched is to keep speaking.