Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story about Donny Ray Williams, Jr.

Williams is a convicted serial sexual abuser and former Democratic Senate aide.

Ah what magic that little ‘D’ affiliation possesses. There was no story on Good Morning America, no major network news coverage of a serial rapist who will not be serving jail time, just a short form piece in the Washington Post. That’s it.

Mind you, the Washington Post and other media scalped Elizabeth Lauten, the Republican Congressional aide who was mildly critical of the Obama daughter’s scant wardrobe choice on her personal Facebook page.

Likely at the behest of the White House, WaPo assigned foreign policy reporters to cover Lauten. They began digging into her college papers, sealed juvenile record, and staking out her parent’s home. Lauten quit and is currently in self-imposed exile.

Credible sources indicate the White House was actively pitching the story of Lauten’s unforgivable indiscretions to their favorite media outlets.

Amazingly, the obscure Tennessee Congressman who employed Lauten was left completely out of the fray. Forgoing the “guilty by association” schtick, it was Lauten with the glowing red dot on her back. Make an example of Lauten and no one will dare throw shade at the Obama’s again, seems to be the message in all of this. Nothing else explains the disproportionate use of force.

Watching the inequity in media coverage got me all riled up (as we say in Texas). So I took to Twitter.

Twitchy was kind enough to capture the tweets.

We are not on an equal media playing ground. Everyone knows this. It’s part of why no one trusts the media at large and why network news channels, newspapers, and periodicals are struggling to stay afloat. They’ve lost the trust of their readership.

Today, Chris Cillizza at the WaPo wrote an article frantically tried to save face exploring why the Elizabeth Lauten story exploded. His conclusion? Among other painfully irrelevant postulations, a slow news cycle.

It’s not like a Democratic serial rapist indicted on ten counts but getting off with probation is newsworthy. What about a Democratic bundler and gay rights activist who raked in over a half a million bucks for Obama’s re-election campaign getting arrested for raping children? Nah, also not newsworthy.

We’ve been shoved into a corner where we’re forced to divert resources away from watching the government in order to monitor the sad remnants of the fourth estate. And the paper that brought down Richard Nixon now makes a living destroying the lives of nameless staffers who suggest the First Daughters class it up a bit. Sad remnants, indeed.

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