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Miracles do exist

Miracles do exist

Still skeptical? Read this.

This story came across my Twitter feed the other day and my eyes might have leaked a little bit. And by a little bit, I mean I cried like a baby because this story is just that kind of story.

Brandon Finnigan over at Ace of Spades shared this incredible story about a hardship he and his wife endured recently.

Finnigan began:

Life is Beautiful

On Twitter a few nights back, I shared a very trying experience the wife and I endured this year. I want to share it here, expand on it, and direct it, a bit, at a very specific reader.

Devastated, and thinking they’d lost the baby, a trip to the doctor weeks later revealed that the little guy was still there, happy, and healthy. The Finnigan’s are expecting their first child in April.

You can read the rest of the story here. If you need a reason to hold on to hope, you’ll find it there.

Thanks so much to Mr. Finnigan for sharing. 

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Miracles do exist! Each new life reminds us of this fact. Still skeptical? Then you just might want to read this new book by Eric Metaxas: