Last night on Special Report with Bret Baier, Charles Krauthammer commented on the economic aspects of Obama’s new policy on Cuba. Dr. K is skeptical and frankly, who could blame him?

From National Review:

Krauthammer: Liberalization Hasn’t Worked in Vietnam or China, Won’t Work in Cuba

“In the early days of the Cold War, the very early days, there was a semi-tongue-in-cheek proposal that, instead of having bombs on the B-52s, we ought to fill them with nylons and drop them over the Soviet Union. As a result, there will be a revolution, they’re going to become capitalists.”

“This is exactly the same idea for Cuba,” he continued. “It hasn’t worked for Vietnam or China, if your objective is to liberalize it. And the bulk of the benefit is going to go to the military and the repressive apparatus. That’s the argument against normalization.”

Here’s the video:

It certainly does seem like there’s more to the Cuba story, doesn’t it?

Let’s check in with Mike Gonzalez of The Federalist:

President Obama Didn’t Tell The Whole Story About Cuba

Why did President Obama go for broke on Cuba, announcing the United States would normalize relations with that repressive regime? The answer appears in his statement to the nation. There, the president not only made clear that this change has been on his bucket list for some time, but also that his knowledge of Cuba comes straight out of the international Left’s playbook.

“When I came into office, I promised to re-examine our Cuba policy,” Obama said, proving once again that last month’s midterm shellacking seems to have had an odd effect on our president. Rather than make him humble, rejection at the polls has liberated him to do all the things he wants in his “legacy.”

Sounds about right.

Featured image via YouTube.


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