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CNN’s Don Lemon Makes ‘Worst of Journalism’ List for 2014

CNN’s Don Lemon Makes ‘Worst of Journalism’ List for 2014

This is CNN…

I don’t watch CNN anymore, but I’m very familiar with Don Lemon from all the times he’s appeared on conservative news sites seeking to correct something he said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, lots of people have noticed Lemon’s work:

CNN’s Don Lemon Named to ‘Worst Journalism of 2014’ List

Don Lemon has picked up a dubious honor: ranking in a Columbia Journalism Review fellow’s list of the “worst journalism” of 2014.

The anchor has made headlines throughout the year for controversial moments during his tenure as a CNN newsroom anchor.

In a post written by David Uberti, the CJR fellow makes a case for why Lemon deserves to be ranked along with other missteps in journalism over the past year.

“As one of the most recognizable anchors on CNN, Don Lemon has helped lead the cable network’s coverage of the biggest stories of the year. Live television is exceedingly difficult to produce, of course, but Lemon’s gaffes this year offer a case study in how to choose words wisely — or not,” Uberti wrote.

The fine folks at Twitchy think they may have uncovered the reason for Lemon’s new distinction:

Don Lemon’s report on black holes and missing plane help him win ‘Worst of 2014′ award

CNN anchor Don Lemon has taken his share of hate on Twitter: a former Miss Teen USA called Lemon a “modern day house negro,” hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons labeled him “a dangerous talking head” and MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor accused him of being a “turn coat mofo.” And those are just the racial attacks; there’s also the matter of Lemon’s skills as a journalist.

Twitter, of course, can always be counted on to offer its congratulations.

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Congrats, Don. A genuine accomplishment in a year when there were so very many to choose from.

I understand that the Grocery Chain Publix is going to purchase the financially struggle news network. The new tagline will be:

CNN – Where Lying is a Pleasure!

Carole Costello is breathing a sigh of relief.

While Mr. Lemon (apt name there) contributes little to the world of professional journalism, he does add melanin diversity and that is far more important than competency.

Man, I’d sure hate to be on the receiving end of an invitation to the Don Lemon Party celebrating this notable achievement and well deserved award.

My, oh my, how the worm has definitely turned. The once mighty and venerable CNN has been reduced to little more than laughing stock and cannon fodder for veracity during the course of these last six years or so.

Also notable is the utterly lacking mention of MSNBC and/or any talking head employed therein. MSNBC is just a fetid swamp of ludicrous disingenuosity and simply beyond pathetic, and therefor doesn’t even rank, apparently.

He’s just the ‘best’ of 2014’s useful idiots.
Boehner and McConnell rival him.

Don’t you have to actually ‘be’ a journalist in order to qualify as the ‘worst’?