The campaign finance provision of the #CRomnibus spending bill has refocused bipartisan ire on the scourge of “money in politics,” and has renewed progressive mouth-foaming over the allegedly infamous influence of the Koch brothers on the rise of conservative politics in America.

Barbara Walters has included billionaire David Koch in her list of 2014’s “Most Fascinating People,” and in a recent interview held Koch’s feet to the fire over his support for conservative candidates who don’t subscribe to his admittedly socially liberal views on issues like abortion and gay marriage.

Mediaite has the video:

Koch told Walters he was a fiscal conservative but social liberal. Walters pointed out that the candidates he funded were staunchly opposed to positions he supported, such as the legalization of gay marriage and a right to choose.

“That’s their problem,” Koch replied. “What I want these candidates to do is support a balanced budget. I’m very worried that if the budget is not balanced inflation could occur and the economy of the country could suffer mightily.”


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You mean to tell me that there are donors out there who manage to prioritize the issues while managing expectations about how in-step they expect their chosen candidates to remain with a particular world view?

Will the wonders never cease?

Barbara Walters may find this to be a scandalous hypocrisy (look at her face,) but I think this is the kind of attitude that makes the world keep spinning when Washington grinds to a halt.