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Branco Cartoon – Season’s Beatings

Branco Cartoon – Season’s Beatings

The Carol Kings

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The four whores-men of the apocalypse.

Exactly right.

Notice that the MSM etc is attempting to throw Sharpton under the bus. It is Obama and Holder that belong under the bus though as their words and actions are directly responsible for these deaths.

During this holiday season, the root of evil nests within the white hut and its cabal of interlopers. Make no mistake… We are entering perilous times of their making where the rule of law has been tossed aside along with the shredding of the Constitution.

America will rue the day that the little poser puppet was elected and the worst is yet to come.

Sorry to be so negative but after seventy plus years on the planet, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that we could have descended to this level.

Gawd he’p us…

    Yet there is no meaningful effort to rein him in.

      There was a very meaningful effort to rein this sick, sick weasel in: it was the landslide election of 2014. However, we discovered that our own party, the GOP, is being run by people loyal not to us, but to the sick weasel.

      The only meaningful effort left to us is to depose the GOP leadership so we have the party in place that we voted in to work for us, or, to destroy the GOP by replacing it in our minds and with our wallets, once and for all, with the Tea Party.

Four Evil Despicable Lawless Stooges.

Doug Wright Old Grouchy | December 22, 2014 at 10:40 am

Best cartoon ever!

Thanks much, Mr. Branco.

The Carol Kings


In their minds, the would-be kings.

Martial law is their end, and blood in the streets is their planned means.

Not sure which of these has been a win for the black community.

Riots = doubled cop salaries in overtime and inconvenienced a bunch of left leaning cities.

Murders = brotherhood of cops are watching each others backs twice as much and approaching blacks with 100x the suspicion.

Absolutely one of your best Mr. Branco. Bravo!

Uh, excuse me for being picky Mr. Branco, but pResident Jugears is left-handed. The blood is unlikely to be on his right hand.


Watching Sharpton do his show right now. He, along with the rest on MSNBC are claiming there is no connection between the Garner riots, protests, and the ambush killing of 2 police murders. The facts arent being discussed because even these brain dead leftist know that the chants of the rioters and the fact this guy spent a lot of time and energy to specifically target NYPD officers, cant align with the idea that there is no connection.

    gasper in reply to iowan2. | December 22, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    They’re doing what the left does best. They came up with a story and it will be told over and over again. Watch the forums and you will read the same thing on this topic for the next 10 years. I have already seen this a couple times today. They repeat, like a never-ending echo.

Wonderful work, sir. I was looking at some of the Reactions and it looked like you hit a nerve in twitter land.