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Branco Cartoon – Nightmare

Branco Cartoon – Nightmare

How to kill a dream.

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The chief suspects for the organization of King’s murder have always been the leaders of the other civil rights organizations. King was a creature of the media. The media wanted to support the civil rights movement, but the established leaders like Bayard Rustin were too corrupt, too old and too violent. King was young and preached nonviolence. So the media shoved the old guard aside and put King in charge. The old guard got its revenge in ’68 and has spent the last 46 years undoing the King legacy.

It reminds me of Ted Kennedy getting in bed with his dead brothers’ enemies.

Ah, another of Branco’s “Nuance” series of cartoons.

How could several of Dr. King’s children embrace their father’s murderer, James Earl Ray? It wasn’t in the spirit of forgiveness, it was in solidarity against the System.

Al Sharpton is out there stirring it up.

Never mind that he is a criminal.

The Wrong Rev. Al and Pres. ScamWOW have neatly inverted King’s dream.

It’s only about the color of their skin, because the content of their character is like the vacuum of space.

What a terrible, terrible shame…

I wonder how much of a licensing fee Branco paid the King family for having MLKs likeness appear in a cartoon?

Another Voice | December 1, 2014 at 3:12 pm

The children of Rev. King have done more to compromise any legacy accredited to him for the shear reward of self-promotion for personal gain. They have endowed the same unto others to do likewise in return for those who would give them favor and acknowledgement just for being his children. They have spent their lives “selling” his legacy off to the highest bidders.

DINORightMarie | December 1, 2014 at 5:03 pm

I have been amazed how the current civil rights “leaders” have abandoned everything MLK Jr. stood for, preached, advocated – and he won the argument using his “creative nonviolence”.

Today the left, the media, and the “leaders” of “black power” are all advocating or excusing the massive violence, violating the very rule of law that King used to his advantage and stood for while he lived.

I’m surprised Branco didn’t draw a tear falling down MKL’s face.

Midwest Rhino | December 1, 2014 at 6:08 pm

Scarborough got credit for bashing those claiming Brown was a hero. But before giving him too much credit, consider what he thinks of those that think Zimmerman was innocent, since he did not shoot till being beaten almost senseless.

I see actually a reverse of what happened in Trayvon. Where right-wingers clinged to this nasty, thuggish guy that chased a young black man through a neighborhood simply because he was black. He was guilty. Trayvon was guilty of walking while being black. And my right-wing nut job friends all embraced George Zimmerman, a thug. If you don’t think he’s a thug, ask the women who lived with him. He’s a thug. And right wingers embraced George Zimmerman as a hero and in so doing, they humiliated themselves.

Sorry Joe, I don’t know your right wing nut friends, but the only issue most had with Zimmerman was whether he used proper force, after being assaulted by fighter/druggie/etc. Trayvon.

I can’t judge him by his girlfriend, and I have no interest in making him a saint, though his neighborhood watch efforts, and his help for a black kid (not Trayvon) are admirable, despite his other alleged problems.

But Joe can’t bash those making Brown a hero, without manufacturing a moral equivalence to Zimmerman, whom Joe declares to be “Guilty”, despite the trial. Because it can’t possibly be (from Scarborough’s “Fair and Balanced” fulcrum) that the left was just as crazed in its martyring of Trayvon as it is in its glorification of Brown.

MLK Jr. was smart. What he realized is that the media could be used to sell a narrative of innocent black people being beaten down. Talking about oppression and the curse of Jim Crow waqs one thing, watching nonviolent protestors young and old getting attacked by riot cops garnered outrage.

He appealed to the nobility of whites, their sense of honor. Even people who were passive racists still viewed blacks as people worthy of basic respect – not as animals to be attacked with dogs and hoses. People have hardwired human empathy, and showing innocent people getting abused resonated deeply.

Ferguson is stupid. Even insurgents realize that you don’t attack the local populace if you want to overthrow the state. Rioters resonate just as deeply as human empathy, but at the level of fear and “the barbarians are at the gates” Just as in 1968, expect people to support law and order, even a brutal crackdown in response. Riots also encourage racial separation and fear, and kill any emotional connection.

MLK was an artisan of protests, and a powerful orator. The Ferguson maniacs are like angry toddlers throwing a tantrum with explosives.