Austinites anxious to start 2015 will have to wait.

The fireworks and festivities that were scheduled to take place in Butler park have been postponed indefinitely due to nasty weather.

The city of Austin posted the following on their website:

The Austin’s New Year celebration scheduled to occur at Butler Park is postponed due to anticipated inclement weather.

City staff has been monitoring weather conditions and a wintry weather mix is forecast to roll in to Central Texas during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Due to near-freezing weather conditions that may include high winds and precipitation, the celebration, including fireworks, has been postponed.

“This decision was made for the safety and comfort of the entire Austin community. Austin’s New Year is designed to be a family-friendly celebration featuring the best of Austin arts, music, food and culture,” said William Manno, City’s Corporate Special Events Manager, adding City leaders are exploring alternative dates to hold the celebration at a time when Austin residents will be able to fully enjoy the festivities.

While Austin is stuck in 2014, New Zealand and Australia have already celebrated 2015:

Ah Austin, always keeping it weird.

(h/t Mashable)

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