Ungrateful, and not objecting to liberal and progressive donors:

This is offensive on campus:

Sexy Ph.D

This is not:

[You didn’t really think we were going to post a photo, did you?]

Now you want privacy, Harvard students?

And I thought it was money and the desire to win games:

Guilty until proven guilty:

If no one is really responsible for anything, how do you explain the preceding links?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t:

Higher Ed Bubble:

I feel this way every time I try to fit into my suits:

Somehow this doesn’t seem right:

What is the opposite of the patriarchy?

Basically, everything:

So tell me again who is most dangerous?

Nanny state:

Rub it in their faces:

So simple, even college students can understand:

Water is wet! Water is wet!

Nice knowing ya, Britain:

Don’t try this at home. In fact, don’t try this at all: