Tom Blumer from BizzyBlog sends this video:

It’s about getting informed, getting involved, and voting.

It’s about getting informed, getting involved, and (obviously most relevant to tomorrow) voting:

“It Matters” –

Several who have seen it have said it “brought me to tears” — and I originally thought I was the only one.

I am VERY worried that those who need to turn out tomorrow won’t. I sense way too much complacency. We can’t afford any of that.

Perhaps the video can influence that — if it’s seen.

Steve Hayes at The Weekly Standard elaborates on why it matters, An Election About Everything:

It’s about the size and scope of government.

It’s about the rule of law.

It’s about the security of the citizenry.

It’s about competence.

It’s about integrity.

It’s about honor.

It’s about a government that makes promises to those who have defended the country and then fails those veterans, again and again and again.

It’s about a president who offers soothing reassurances on his sweeping health care reforms and shrugs his shoulders when consumers learn those assurances were fraudulent.

It’s about government websites that cost billions but don’t function and about “smart power” that isn’t very smart.

It’s about an administration that cares more about ending wars than winning them, and that claims to have decimated an enemy one day only to find that that enemy is still prosecuting its war against us the next.

It’s about shifting red lines and failed resets.

It’s about a president who ignores restrictions on his power when they don’t suit him and who unilaterally rewrites laws that inconvenience him.

It’s about a powerful federal agency that targets citizens because of their political beliefs and a White House that claims ignorance of what its agents are up to because government is too “vast.”

In sum, this is an election about a president who promised to restore faith in government and by every measure has done the opposite.