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The #Ferguson Crisis – America Held Hostage – Night 2

The #Ferguson Crisis – America Held Hostage – Night 2

Full spiral.

After last night’s protests in Ferguson boiled over, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has tripled the National Guard presence in Ferguson in an attempt to quell the violence.

From the New York Times:

At an afternoon news conference, Mr. Nixon said that he had ordered the deployment of 2,200 National Guard soldiers to Ferguson. “Last night, criminals intent on lawlessness and destruction terrorized this community,” he said. “What they’ve gone through is unacceptable.”

Earlier, Mayor James W. Knowles III of Ferguson criticized the governor for not deploying the Guard quick enough to save some of the businesses that burned.

“The delay in deploying the National Guard is deeply concerning,” said Mr. Knowles, adding that he had not spoken directly to the governor since late August, despite almost nightly protests in Ferguson since.

Police officers were overwhelmed by the wave of violence Monday night after the grand jury’s decision was announced.

Jon Belmar, the St. Louis County police chief, said demonstrators had set fire to at least a dozen buildings in and around Ferguson, and he estimated that he had heard about 150 gunshots. None of the shots, he said, were fired by the police.

Last night’s Ustream livestream from the ground in Ferguson is still up and running:

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If you’re looking for something a little more conventional, local Fox affiliate is still livestreaming their coverage. You can watch here:

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Oh, he’s going to actually deploy the Guard? Awesome idea. Top drawer.

    Most of the businesses destroyed last night were minority-owned, mostly blacks from the area serving their own neighborhood.

    How many of these will be able to rebuild and restock and reopen? Of those that could, how many will be able to get insurance?

    – –

    Net results of the riots:

    ▪Black businesses ruined, many never to return.

    ▪Less convenience for Ferguson’s poor who will have to travel further for services

    ▪Lower property values & higher insurance cost for those who live there

    ▪Darren Wilson is still free and a hero to many, and will not be charged

    ▪Michael Brown is still dead

    – –

    Was it worth it? Maybe it depends on how much you were able to cart away. Nothing says, “I demand justice!” like arson and looting and overturned cop cars.

He called them “criminals”. How long before a CNN or MSNBC genius is gong to decide that word is a racist “dog whistle”?

I notice the execrable Ezra Klein has weighed in by basically calling Officer Wilson a lier (I will not post a link to his website). I am basically a peaceful person but, I have to admit, I would love to punch Little Ezra in the face. Never has there been a human that would benefit more from 8 weeks of love and attention from a Marine Drill Instructor than Ezra.


    Valerie in reply to Anchovy. | November 25, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Little Ezra was mad last night, because St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullogh gave a solid explanation of the grand jury procedure, the evidence, and the conflicts among the witnesses. That guy is beyond biased.

    Estragon in reply to Anchovy. | November 26, 2014 at 1:12 am

    Klein is a rich, privilege, elite white boy who pretends to be a policy expert (‘wonk’) by learning the jargon and using it to fool the inattentive into believing the leftist propaganda view. He founded the email cabal JournOList precisely and specifically as a back channel among leftist media people to color stories in the most positive light for leftists and Democrats in general, and for Obama in particular. And he recently omitted that the group never really went away.

    He is the Josef Goebbels of the modern Democrat Left.

These are the same people who elected Obama. Just as dumb now as they were then. Their biggest fear should not be the police, but the damage that would be caused if a thought struck them.

In the silver-linings department, the idiot Nixon is over as a politician.

And there are a great number of Americans who now know a lot more about, and have more trust in, our grand jury system.

Talk about stepping up…

I have a bad feeling about the guard there. I don’t know the primary MOS of the unit but unless they are MP (US Army MP is the closest to civilian LEO of all the branches) they have not been trained right.
they’ve been trained in infantryman type tactics.
this won’t end well.
not that it will end well anyway but whats going to happen is civilians are going to die and the military will take the blame and political fallout.
if Gov declares martial law and/or a curfew then the chance of civilian deaths will drop, if he doesn’t there will be body bags.
they just are not trained to be police.
while I don’t really care about the protesters getting taken out, I do care about the storm that will hit the soldiers after it happens.

    JerryB in reply to dmacleo. | November 25, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    I don’t agree. The thugs are cowards. If there is any resistance, they’ll cool it. Proof: A strip mall on West Florissant, vandalized in August, escaped damage last nightbecause some men with AR-15’s patrolled the parking lot. A lot of cars came by, but they left for easier prey.

    Tonight, the Guard will protect property.

    Walker Evans in reply to dmacleo. | November 26, 2014 at 1:57 am

    I don’t believe any genuinely peaceful protesters are going to have problems with the Guard. Conversely, a few dead looters would send a proper signal that thieves, thugs, and arsonists will be dealt with in a swift and expedient manner.

    It would also clean some of the algie out of the shallow end of the gene pool.

    DanInMN in reply to dmacleo. | November 26, 2014 at 8:23 am

    Just as a point of reference, the Mo National Guard does have a significant MP unit.

    I think they can handle themselves.

      thanks, I didn’t know that. it may help a lot.
      crown control by military with weapons is not as easy as people think.
      not if you want to avoid charges by civilian leadership.
      this is why MPs get specific training in it.

A taste of the “progressive” nation of South Africa. One of the few, and perhaps the only, nation that possesses a constitution that normalized involuntary exploitation of a native population based on the [white] color of their skin. The “civil” rights leaders are looking for a Marxist-Mandela solution in America. Not just redistributive, but also retributive change.

“Earlier, Mayor James W. Knowles III of Ferguson criticized the governor for not deploying the Guard quick enough to save some of the businesses that burned.”

The mayor went about it wrong. If he had announced that because the governor was dawdling on the issue, the mayor would form a local militia of adult males from the 2A community to protect the city, the governor would have had the entire National Guard and most of the state police in Ferguson pronto to make sure THAT didn’t happen.

MouseTheLuckyDog | November 25, 2014 at 10:38 pm

RIP DeAndre Joshua.
Who is DeAndrea?
He is a 20 year old, who is the sole victim of last nights riots. His body was found shot and burned in a car this morning.

One more thing. [b] He was one of the witnesses to the GJ, whose story supported Darren Wilson. [/b]

“It is clear, I think, that acts of violence threaten to drown out those who have legitimate voices, legitimate demonstrators,” Holder told reporters. “Those acts of violence cannot and will not be condoned.”

Oh, well, then… Damn, if Mr. Holder isn’t going to condone my stealing this wide-screen, I’m goin’ home rat now! BWAAAAAAHAHAHA.

Of course, if I thought he was gonna PROSECUTE me for crossing state lines so I could loot and riot, I might have stayed home in the first place…

The DemocRATs in Missouri are toast. After the mayhem in Ferguson, the last 3 months, it is a wonder that the people have not started a recall petition for all of the DemocRAT office holders. Maybe someone with grow a pair and shove the Right Rev Al, the New Black Panthers, the failed Occupy Wall Streeters, the state controlled media and other assorted radical rabble out of their state.

Things are a lot quieter tonight, Deo gratias. The bigger show of force has saved property so far.

Maybe it’s time for a little chuckle about the resolve of the thugs. Could it be that the instigators’ rhetoric of hate is insufficient to motivate couch-potato militants to risk their hide for “the cause?” Could the welfare state have drained enough testosterone to undermine the revolution it was designed to engender?

Not to get overconfident. When the Fed can no longer buy down interest rates, the welfare checks will shrink. Then the takers will have nothing to lose.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to JerryB. | November 26, 2014 at 12:55 am

    They got all that ‘free’ likker and cell foams last night and gettin’ they drank on and runnin’ they mouths about how great it all was is more important than being down with the struggle.

    Besides, it’s warmer inside and it’s T-Day-2.

    JohnOfEnfield in reply to JerryB. | November 26, 2014 at 2:14 am

    I’m pretty sure it was your President’s exhortation DURING the riots to stop rioting & watch his press conference on TV. On a more serious note: Having a Race-baiter as Head of State will resound down the ages, these are moments of historic importance.

Michael Brown’s strong arm robbery of cigars has led to hundreds of victims. These would include his parents, Officer Wilson and his family, the community of Ferguson including a young black Christian woman who owned a store named Hidden Treasures (store demolished in flames by rioters) and the hundreds who have been injured physically, financially and emotionally. It takes of a village to raze a community.

Black America as a whole is victim to a serious deficit of leadership from the WH and AG Holder. And, Black America is being used by Al Shaprton, Jesse ‘PUSH” Jackson and the race industry, an ‘industry’ which strives to diminish knowledge about black violence for the sake of increased redistribution.

Indisputably good Black Americans like Dr. Alveda King would never encourage the barbarian acts of the rioters while the above mentioned culprits are in serious and silent denial.

The truth is another victim.

Several ‘eyewitnesses’ perjured themselves when they gave testimony to the grand jury, apparently so that the fires of outrage could “burn, baby, burn.” But self-immolation will never be the pathway to success.

Thank god we have a gigantic redistributive Progressive government that has created a booming economic milieu in Ferguson! Not! “Consume , baby, consume” is the Keynesian economic war cry but that is not going to happen in Ferguson for a long while. Oops! Another bailout is required!

While tempers flare and torch the town of Ferguson even now bureaucrats are planning ways to burn taxpayer money to put an end to non-existent manmade global warming (GW)!! No doubt the next concocted report out of the UN regarding GW will diagnose human anger as being directly correlated to GW!!

Michael Brown. We need a folk song to sing the praises of his cigar stealing pot smoking “f**k-the-man, “f**k you” ways. Al Sharpton can buy the rights to help finance the race industry’s fight with itself.

I did the math. Three times zero is still zero.

Not DIRECTLY Ferguson related…

But there is a new meaning to “under cover of darkness”, perhaps.

The darkness being the evil played out in that poor little city. There are a lot of people ready to exploit all of that.