Republicans walloped Democrats on Tuesday night, gaining control of the Senate and substantial pickups on the state and local level—but national groups aren’t even close to calling it a day.

The NRSC and RNC are currently organizing staff from across the country for a mass deployment to Louisiana to help resolve December’s runoff election for U.S. Senate between incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu, and breakthrough challenger Bill Cassidy. Neither Cassidy nor Landrieu managed to secure the votes of a majority of Louisianans, and national groups are counting on the volunteer efforts of seasoned campaign staff and operatives to secure the election for Cassidy.

From this morning’s RNC e-mail blast:

We had great, historic Republican victories on Election Day.

But here’s the deal: there is still ONE key Senate seat left to win — Louisiana.

Only 1% – just 16,400 votes – separated the Democrat incumbent from the Republican frontrunner in the Louisiana Senate race on Tuesday. And now they’re in a neck-and-neck runoff race.

This weekend, the RNC is sending hundreds of our staffers into Louisiana. We must secure ONE more seat to strengthen our newly won Senate majority, so we can stop President Obama’s radical agenda and enact pro-jobs, pro-growth policies.

President Obama and Senate Democrats are not happy about Tuesday’s results. They are pouring in resources to hold onto this final seat and keep liberal Senator Mary Landrieu in office.

The RNC is ready for the challenge — but we need you to stand with us one more time.

This is good for our numbers in the Senate, and for Republican morale in general.

I think a lot of activists have had legitimate concerns with the priorities of national groups like the RNC, but this sort of deployment allows the RNC to put its money where its mouth is while at the same time building goodwill with local groups in Louisiana.

I’ll be participating in the deployment, alongside the rest of my campaign team, and I look forward to using our experience on the ground to beat Democrats in a state that served as a battleground not only between political parties, but between factions of the Republican party.

This is our opportunity to show national Democrats that Republicans can and will stick together to increase our majority and our chances of passing conservative legislation onto the President’s desk. We’re looking at another month of phone calls, knocks, and outreach events, but when that hard work pays off in December, we’ll be able to rest easy knowing that we did everything we could to gain one more seat in a midterm victory that almost nobody believed was possible.

Featured Image via Fox News.

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