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Sick: BDS groups spread photoshop of Concentration Camp inmates holding anti-Israel signs

Sick: BDS groups spread photoshop of Concentration Camp inmates holding anti-Israel signs

How do you reason with such disturbed people?

We are dealing with some really sick minds when it comes to the proponents of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement propaganda machine.

The latest is from a group with over 91,000 Facebook fans, called “I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists.”

That phrase is an integral part of the BDS movement, which falsely seeks to portray Israel as the equivalent of apartheid South Africa. That claim of Apartheid status was the founding propaganda principle of the BDS movement, which was started at the anti-Semitic 2001 Durban conference.

The group has posted a photoshop of Nazi concentration camp inmates holding anti-Israel signs, on its Facebook page. It’s unclear if the group created it, or is just promoting it.

The image is being spread by others as well, such as the Central NY Committee for Justice in Palestine:

[Note 11-28-2014 10:15 p.m. – sometime tonight CNYCJP removed the image after complaints were posted in its comments in response to Legal Insurrection’s coverage, and after the image was CNYCJP’s Facebook page for about two days the cache version of the post is here]

I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists Facebook Image Holocaust Survivors with Anti-Israel Signs - Central NY Committee

To compare, as they often do, Israel’s response to Hamas and Islamic Jihad rocket fire from Gaza to the systematic industrialized extermination of Europe’s Jewish population not only is grossly inaccurate, it reflects a commitment to demonizing and dehumanizing Israel beyond a political or military dispute.

This propaganda reflects the evil and sick nature of the people behind the BDS movement. While I’m all in favor of dialogue, I don’t know how you try to reason with people like that, who have lost all touch with reality and truth.


Don’t think that this image is an aberration. Leading anti-Israel activists like Max Blumenthal seek to portray Palestinians as the victims of the Holocaust.

It is that comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany that caused an uproar over Blumenthal’s appearance in at a German Bundestag committee event.


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yeah, I don’t recall those inmates firing rockets into the city. Apparently the BDS emoters couldn’t find starving Palestinians to use for the picture, except maybe those abused by Hamas.

But as to the derangement, it is difficult to imagine the human condition leading to such inhumanity, yet it repeatedly happens on a broad scale in history. It is disturbing that even our universities are not immune from such invective, and it is not hard to imagine them becoming violent.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 28, 2014 at 10:30 am

The screen cap shows someone named Marsha Greenberg Motzen “likes” it. Figures.

Leftist Jews are a big part of the problem. Their support for these hideous hate groups provide a legitimacy they do not deserve.

Let us stipulate that the anti-Israel rhetoric coming from the BDS movement and Justice in Palestine is pure lies and propaganda. I have to wonder how much longer Americans will support Israel politically when leftist Jews around the world are so willing to promote lies to undermine her.

It’s the exact opposite. The most important fact about this conflict is too-little-known: the “Palestinians” were Hitler’s allies in WW2, and have never given up his project of wiping out the Jews. Ever since he was defeated, they have continued to attempt to finish his work. Both the Moslem Brotherhood and the secular Baath party also descend from Nazi ideology, and were allied to Hitler. So the correct answer to “Whatever happened to ‘Never Again'” is that Israel’s Gaza campaign is what happened to it, and so far it was, thank God, successful. Should it ever God forbid fail, that is when the Holocaust will resume. The authors of this photo are displaying their own work, of which they are proud, and that they hope to repeat.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Milhouse. | November 30, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    The failure of Israel should be greatly feared. With our current administration’s policies, Israel’s failure could become a reality. That failure is probably the single greatest danger we face today.

    That photo, just being here in the U.S., is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a very long time. It is our shame.

    Stand with Israel, pray for Israel.

Anyone noticed how evil it’s getting?

    Ragspierre in reply to Yujin. | November 28, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    More strident and unhinged, sure. They WILL, as they see they are not getting the traction they want.

    But they started out evil. They were just more careful before. More and more, they will harden and come out of their disguise.

Another unacknowledged issue about so-called “Apartheid” in Israel and the Falastin territories is that Islamic doctrine calls for segregation of Muslim and Dhimmi populations because the latter are polluting to Muslims. Hence ancient cities of the Middle East and North Africa had separate quarters for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Many of the provisions of America’s notorious “black codes” can be traced, via the Spanish colonies, to Islamic provisions for relations between Muslims and subjugated Christians and Jews.

We need to get away from the idea that white, Christian (and perhaps Jewish as well) Westerners are the only “actors” in history, and that all the rest are simply passive, “historyless” peoples. This is one of the reasons they blame Israel for “Apartheid” but say nothing of how Muslims have managed societies.

I stand with Israel.

Hams kills and oppresses more Gazan’s that Israel does. Gazan’s destroyed the greenhouses, farms, power plants, waste and water treatment plants that the Israeli’s left behind when their own government forced them off of THEIR land so that the Arabs could have it. The Arabs insisted that the Jews be removed.

Reported the FB page for all the good that it will do with the anti-Semite, liberals ruining FB.

As expected FB replied that it didn’t violate their ‘community” standards. Must live in Syria.

10% of the time I believe violence doesn’t solve anything; -this isn’t one of those instances. Whoever conceived and produced this photoshop montage deserves to swallow their teeth.

You don’t “reason” with them. You either show them tough love and try to deprogram from the cult they are in.) and if that doesn’t work, you show just them ‘tough.’ If they can’t come to understand reason, they’ll come to understand Pavlov.